Even a confession is a form of testimony. It’s telling on the parts of ourselves that we feel most guilty and shameful about. It’s in knowing that another human has witnessed our suffering and our transgressions yet has chosen to accept, love and forgive us any way that heals our emotional wounds. Faith plays a large role in the courage to share your testimony because if you believe that God is loving, merciful, forgiving and the orchestrator of your life you find meaning in your struggles. This type of faith cultivates courage, resilience, and a conviction to share what God has done in your life with others. The power of testimony is real! The courage it takes to share your whole truth with your whole heart builds resilience and fosters connection with others. We need connection in order to recover and build healthy supportive relationships. These relationships help us stay sober. Letting go of the shame of our past helps propel us into a life filled with meaning and connection. Feelings of Isolation and loneliness disappear. We begin to love ourselves. This discovery helps us to forgive ourselves and others. All of a sudden,  we can see how God is working in our lives and we find purpose in our pain.

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