Praise and Worship

Nothing is more essential than knowing how to worship the God who created us.God created us to have this special fellowship with him. He created us to love, worship, glorify and enjoy God. Enjoy God? Yes, you heard right, enjoy God. We enjoy, delight in God when we find joy in our relationship with God, when we live every moment with God and for God. You worship and enjoy God when you do your work for God. You are energized, motivated, filled with joy, and doing your best because you are doing it for God. You are out in God’s creation, logging, hunting, fishing, hiking, feeding cows. You see God’s glory in the beauty of his creation. You experience his presence. You are filled with awe. You experience incredible joy. You worship and enjoy God. You are in church, and while hearing God’s Word or singing his praises, you are overcome with joy. You are overcome with this inexpressible and glorious joy because you feel his presence. You cannot see him, but you know he is there with you. You are in awe. You fall down and worship him. Or you burst out in praise and song, or just shout out in joy. Or you just sit in silence and enjoy his presence.

Nepali worship Song by Sister Karuna:

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